Ride On Toys FAQ

How fast will my ride on car go?
This will depend on the battery power. A 6 volt battery will operate the ride on at about 3mph. A 12 volt will go about 5mph.

Is there much assembly required?
All products require some assembly depending on the model. This could include adding the roll bars, wheels, steering wheel, seat, axles and/or mirrors.

Can I leave the battery on charge?
No, Battery charge time must not exceed 10 hours or permanent damage to the cells will occur. The battery should also be charged every month when not in use.

What are the best surfaces for my ride on car to operate on?
12 Volt ride ons will go on most surfaces (tarmac, grass, gravel etc) 6 Volt ride ons are more suited to the harder tarmac surfaces but will operate on grass at a slower pace.

My Car doesn’t look exactly as shown in the picture?
To meet the global demand for these cars we have to use a number of different suppliers. We aim to keep the design as uniform as we can but some of the stickers used or small details may vary from car to car.

We are also adding new features all the time and so the noise on horns or pre set radio music may differ also.

My car has minor defects to the body work?
We work with all of our suppliers to help them manufacture the best product they can and still keep a great price for our customers. During the intricate manufacturing process the plastic has to be bent and moulded which means the cars will have small indentations, light scratches and pressure marks on the body work where the machines are used. This does not affect the overall look of the car and they are great value for money and are packed with features such as, lights, remote control, music systems and more.

National Delivery is available to all areas of Australia. For more delivery information please look under the “Delivery Information” Tab.


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