Pre Order 2019 White Licensed Merc GLC 63s AMG With Mp4 11/11/19

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Arriving 11th of November 19

Arriving 11th of November 19
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Product Description

New Licensed Mercedes GLC 63s AMG

Licensed "Mercedes GLC 63s AMG" With all the Upgrades Rubber wheels Black Leather seats, 4 x 35watt Motors,2 x 12volt Batteries, MP4 and much more. One of the Cheapest Per Order Prices in Australia $479 factoring in the upgrades, We ship Nationally with very Low Shipping Rates!!!! Arriving 11/011/19. Available in Standard  White or  Painted Metallic Black


  • Eva Rubber Tyres (FOR A SOFT RIDE)
  • 2xSeater
  • Mp4 touch Screen
  • 4 Wheel Drive Power of motor: 4 x 35W Motors
  • 4 wheel suspension
  • Start engine Button
  • Battery 12 x 12volt 14Ah Double the Playtime
  • 2.4 Bluetooth Parental Remote Control with Soft Start and 3-Speeds
  • Leather Seats with Seat Belts
  • Horn and Music 
  • Start-Up Engine Sound
  • Speed: 3-7 Km⁄hr
  • Forward /Reverse, Turn left& right steering wheel
  • Parent remote Control Forward/Reverse, Turn left& right steering, Stop the car, Control Speed
  • Opening doors
  • Working LED lights
  • SAA charger *
  • CE material.
  • Suitable for children aged 3-7 years
  • Size: 138cm x 86cm x 63cm 
  • Max weight loaded: 50KG
  • Charging period: 8-12hr⁄time
  • Battery operated Continuous fun for 1-3 hrs

* Note 2 x 12v batteries are run Parallel to increase Playtime not Power Motors still run as a 12Volt car

Additional Information

Dimension 140x79x41
Models GLS 63 AMG
Brand Mercedes
Volts 12V
Type Suv
Color White
Age 3-6

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